Use cases for a national research data discovery service

Veerle Van Den Eynden works for the UK Data Service and is part of the UKRDDS project team focussing on engagement with the Data Centres that are participating as pilots in the project. Veerle has written the following post to summarise the finalised set of use cases for the discovery service.

The partnership that is busy developing a UK-wide registry for research data collections held in UK research institutions and subject data centres has finalised a list of use cases for such service. The use cases reflect the technical, functional, metadata and other requirements a service should have from the point of view of different actors in the research and data landscape: researchers, funders, project/research managers, data repositories, system machines and machines. Examples of some use cases are: promoting datasets held by different repositories/data centres for cross-disciplinary research; enabling researchers to showcase their data as impact for the Research Excellence Framework; helping institutions to find research datasets created by all their own researchers; and helping researchers to understand the quality and reusability of datasets and their metadata.

The use cases have developed from the pilot phase of the project, a workshop with all partners in April 2015, various discussions between the project team and the participating data centres and institutional repositories, and feedback from the project’s advisory groups.

The current partnership for the Jisc UK Research Data Discovery Service project includes 7 data centres and 9 university repositories which are representative of the UK research data landscape: Jisc, Digital Curation Centre, UK Data Archive, Archaeology Data Service, NERC Data Catalogue Service, ISIS ICAT data catalogue, UK Energy Data Centre, Visual Arts Data Service, Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, University of Hull, University of St Andrews, University of Glasgow, Oxford Brookes University, University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, University of Southampton, University of Leeds and University of Lincoln. These partners form 3 advisory groups that oversee the various activities: Technical and Metadata Advisory Group, User Advisory Group and Researcher Advisory Group.

The use cases are visually represented in a simplified way in the following image:

use cases slide

The full list of use cases, with their detailed descriptions, have been published as a shared Google Doc at



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