Beta update – 2 June 2017

The beta version of the Discovery Service is updated every fortnight and a list of changes is sent to the project mailing list and posted on this blog.

Here’s the latest update  from our developer Mark Winterbottom.

Technical Update (2 June, 2017)

Key Improvements

The focus of this sprint has been to get the remaining institutions into the system. Here are the main items completed in this sprint:

  • Got the CSW Harvesting working on the Staging site.
  • Got the geo-spatial search working.
  • Enabled PostGIS Postgres extension in RDS.
  • Created automated build for solr docker image.
  • Harvested data from CCDC.
  • Harvested data from remaining HEI’s and Data Centre’s where endpoint is available.

The staging site has been rebuilt and I’ll be sending out some emails asking for feedback from specific sites early next week.

Focusing on next

In the next sprint I will focus on creating a dynamic harvester which gives us more control over field mappings in the web interface in CKAN. We’ll be publishing a blog post shortly to explain how this will work.

That’s the end of this update. If you would like any further information about the project, or contact details, check the project page on the Jisc website.

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