Beta update – 16 June 2017

The beta version of the Discovery Service is updated every fortnight and a list of changes is sent to the project mailing list and posted on this blog.

Here’s the latest update  from our developer Mark Winterbottom.

Technical Update (16 June, 2017)

Key Improvements

The focus of this sprint has been on the following:

  • Deploy the CSW harvester and geo-spatial map search to the Staging site.
  • Debugging issues with the spatial search.
  • Getting the AWS CloudWatch logging working to have visibility of the container logs (RDD-276)
  • Deployed fix (to staging) that was preventing harvest for University of Edinburgh (and a number of others) RDD-181
  • Downloaded the database from the old Alpha site and requested that it is shut down.
  • Investigated bug with solr when harvesting 400k+ datasets. For now, removed CCDC as a work around and created a separate ticket (RDD-327) to implement a long term solution.
  • Harvested data for Aston University, University of Edinburgh on Staging.
  • Added UK Energy Research Centre to staging (RDD-310).
  • Added the ability to create new harvest endpoints in the custom harvest extension (RDD-320)
  • Had a productive sprint retrospective and planning meeting with Chris and Dom where we decided on some process improvements for the bi-weekly sprints.

Focusing on next

The next sprint will focus on:

  • Deploy the CSW and bug fixes to live.
  • Add more harvest endpoints to live where applicable.
  • Continue work on the dynamic harvest endpoint.

Other notes

Just a heads up that Mark will be deploying changes to the live site on Monday morning. In order to add support for geo-spatial search, he needs to re-install the RDS Database Instance to upgrade PostgreSQL to a newer version. As a result, this will require some downtime (1 hour maximum).

That’s the end of this update. If you would like any further information about the project, or contact details, check the project page on the Jisc website.

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